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About the Company: The first Red Lobster was opened in 1968 by Bill Darden and Charley Woodsby. In 1995, Red Lobster became owned and operated by Darden Restaurants Inc. This restaurant offers a unique experience because they are one of the few places that combine casual dining with sea food.

Tips on a successful Red Lobster Application:

One of the most important things to highlight on your Red Lobster Application are the times and days that you will be available to work. Place extra emphasis on the fact that you are able to work night shifts and weekends. These times tend to be especially busy for restaurants, yet their full time workers do not prefer working these shifts. If you are applying to be a server or bartender, you should try and high light your fun and outgoing personality. Being personable and knowing how to speak to costumers is at the core of these two positions. A friendly server will calm your nerves if there is a wait time, and an outgoing bartender will keep the fun and drinks flowing.

What you can expect on a Red Lobster Application:

In order to apply to Red Lobster, you need to have access to a computer and internet access. If this is not possible, you should visit a local library or public school and ask if they allow guests to use the internet. You must have one of the following web browsers; Internet Explorer 6.0 +, Firefox 3.0+, Safari4.0+ or Chrome12+. You will also probably be able to fill out an application via iPhone or iPad. Before starting the application process you will be asked to sign up for an account. In order to set up a valid account, you must be able to provide a valid e-mail address. If you do not already have an e-mail address, you can sign up for a free account such as Gmail, hotmail, etc…


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Why you’d want to submit a Red Lobster Application:

Working at Red Lobster is an overall better experience than working at a fast food restaurant. You have the ability to earn more money by becoming a waitress/waiter. There are also a wider range of positions. For example, at a typical fast-food joint you might have hourly workers, assistant managers, and managers. At red lobster you can be a cashier, bus tables, an assistant cook, line cook, host/hostess, server, and/or manager.

Different positions to apply for on a Red Lobster Application:

-bartender: You’ll be the center of attention as you mingle with the customers and pour drinks all night long. As a bartender, you will be expected to have the ability to pour drinks, multi-task, and provide customers with a fun atmosphere.

-host/hostess: As a host or hostess, you will be the first person to greet guests as they walk through the door. You’ll also be in charge of seating guests and fairing them goodbye.

-line cook: You can become the sea food cook master that you have always dreamed of by filling out a line cook Red Lobster Application. This job is the heart of red lobster because you are responsible for frying, grilling, and cooking up the most decadent and delicious food.

-assembler: As an assembler, you will make sure that all food is presented in a way that meets Red Lobster standards. You should fill out an assembler Red Lobster Application if you have a desire to channel your inner artist who has an eye for aesthetically appealing plates of food.

-manager in training: This is the perfect opportunity for someone who has the ability to work full time, and has the experience to be hired for a higher-level position. Because this job does not require a bachelor’s degree, it is a perfect example of the advancement opportunities at Red Lobster. A good amount of managers in training started off as kitchen help or wait staff and have worked their way up.

After your Red Lobster Application has been accepted:

Regardless of the location of the Red Lobster you are trying to apply for – you will probably be asked one or all of these questions:

  • Why do you want to work for us?

Even if you are submitting your Red Lobster application in hopes of just becoming employed, you should emphasize an interest that you have for the food or hospitality industry. Show some passion for the work you will be doing in the future, and employers automatically assume that you will work hard and get the job done right.

  • Describe a situation where there was a conflict, and how you went about solving it?

The best situation to describe would be one that had to deal with work, or making someone happy. Red Lobster takes pride in their ability to satisfy customers.

  • Do you mind working over time?

This question will be asked because employers want to get an understanding of your flexibility and the amount of time you have to dedicate to the job. This question may also be asked on the Red Lobster application.

  • How flexible is your schedule?

A flexible schedule is a plus for the restaurant industry because every day operations include the hands of multiple employers. Potential employers will feel comfortable hiring you if they know that you have the ability to help out or cover someone’s shift if they are in a bind.

  • Are you available to work on the weekends?

Employers will often ask this question because they are short staff, or want to offer current employees time off on weekends. You will really look attractive as a restaurant employee if you have these hours available.

  • Do you believe that the customer is always right?

This question is often asked to potential servers and bartenders because good customer service is at the core of their jobs.

Overall thoughts on submitting a Red Lobster Application: Although Red Lobster is not the highest scale restaurant; it is a sit down which offers servers, bartenders, and waitresses the ability to make more money through tips. You should high light any specific customer service or hospitality experience that you have because Red Lobster is all about customer satisfaction. 


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